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– Elements –
Friday 1 June 2018 / Oberstaufen Kurhaus

To kick off your new tour, musical star SUSANNE RIEGER is guesting at a special guest performance in Oberstaufen. ELEMENTS promises to be a special evening, an innovative fusion of classical music and pop combined with the four elements. An evening full of refinement, musical class and poetry. The elaborately designed stage set allows the audience to experience the music even more intensively. From classical to pop, there’s something for everyone.

SUSANNE RIEGER’s talent for combining different styles makes her one of the few genre-spanning artists. She has sung the leading roles in Elton John’s musical Aida and the world premiere of the opera Hexen 1×1. She has been a soloist in numerous shows at home and abroad, including with the German Television Ballet of the MDR and on the cruise ships of the Aida fleet. TV appearances followed. Her unique, multifaceted style makes her

a welcome guest at classical concerts.

Musical direction is by Herbert Deschler. Herbert has written the arrangements for the new programme and created a new sound experience for the listener. Highlights of his musical career include studio work and productions for Bully Herbig (Schuh des Manitu, Erkan und Stefan, Traumschiff Surprise, Lissi und der wilde Kaiser) as musical director on Claudia Jung’s tour. He has worked with Brunner & Brunner, Al Martino, Stefan Moll, Karl Moik and the Bayern 3 Band.

Guest soloist is Johannes Krampen on violin, who had his first violin lessons at the age of five. He has won several first prizes at competitions and has had national and international engagements as concertmaster and conductor. He was awarded the European Cultural Prize in 2000 and his first solo album was released in 2012. This genre-defying artist is an inspiration to audiences everywhere.

Organiser / Management / Booking:
APE Group
87534 Oberstaufen


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Sunday, 27.5.2018 / Adler Oberstaufen

Back by popular demand:


Alexander & Armando Strele                         

A former wunderkind, the Slovenian harmonica virtuoso ZORAN ZORKO is the undisputed master of his trade. Alpine rock has become his preferred style. On Sunday 27 May 2018 at 12pm-3pm Hotel Adler, Am Kirchplatz 6, 87534 Oberstaufen. Outside in good weather.

With rhythm in his blood and with an almost spiritual connection to his Styrian harmonica, Zoran moves effortlessly between folk, pop, jazz, waltz, polka, funk and rock.

Place: Hotel Adler, Kirchplatz 6, 87534 Oberstaufen, Germany

Organizer / Management / Booking:
APE Group
87534 Oberstaufen
Phone: +49-(0)8386-962 599-2
Fax: +49-(0)8386-962 599-4



One of the most exclusive, famous and beautiful holiday resorts in Germany and the European Alps. Popular as a wonderful holiday home, with breath-taking views, health and wellbeing offerings, alpine hiking, and cross-country ski runs in winter. Now also the location for a unique, two-day coming together of national and international superstars for up to 25,000 visitors daily.